apQualizr2 Update v2.7.1

There is a new filter band type in apQualizr2 v2.7.1: all pass filters.

All pass filters change the phase only. A new digital matching method has been created for these bands, an explanation of the math involved is on the blog. Thanks to the phase correction engines in apQualizr2, the new all pass filters perfectly match analog phase curves in analog, mixed and linear phase modes. Now, superb sounding phasers can be built using apQualizr2.

The new version also adds long-awaited copy/paste workflows. It is now possible to copy and paste module and connection selections inside the plugin and between plugin instances. As the system clipboard is used for these actions, the contained xml-data can be inspected and edited in a text editor.

The v2.7.1 update is a free update for all apQualizr2 owners.

More information and downloads/demo can be found here.


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