real-time transient detection
flexible sample and synth engine
multi-layer patches with complex modulation
apulSoft apTrigga3 is an audio insert effect plugin to detect trigger events on its input signal which are used to add or replace sounds. It has extensive sample management features, flexible synthesizer layers with multiple envelopes and a modulation section with per sample modulation of most parameters. Input layers process the input audio using the sampler engine and transform apTrigga3 into a percussive sound effects processor.

apTrigga3 features an input filter section with built-in frequency analyzer and configurable filter bands to shape the input signal.

The plugin has various playback modes to play layers in sequence, randomly or at the same time. Basic sample edits can be done right inside apTrigga3. Samples can be recorded from the input to quickly capture multi-samples from microphones or synthesizers.

Use apTrigga3 to replace or mix drum sounds on single-instrument channels. Low latency modes are suitable for real-time use while higher latency modes enable sample-accurate transient matching during mixdown.

Main Features

  • Demo version! Download and try in demo mode.
  • Trigger samples and synth sounds by analyzing the input signal.
  • Adjustable trigger latency (0ms/2ms/50ms/500ms).
  • Trigger signal & event display with dynamics settings on top.
  • Cross-instance choke functionality for open/closed hihats.
  • Unlimited number of layers per preset that can be organized and grouped using drag & drop.
  • Input filter section with unlimited filter bands, frequency analyzer and filter response display.
  • Built-in sample and synth engines with user-definable modulation rules.
  • Sample accurate envelopes for volume, filter and a user-definable parameter with an unlimited number of curved sections.
  • New: Input layers process the plugin input using the sampler engine.
  • One multimode multipole filter per layer.
  • Crop samples directly in the waveform editor.
  • Preset switching by midi patch change messages.
  • Record samples from the plugin input to quickly capture dynamic multisamples.
  • 10-step undo/redo for all actions.
  • Plugin formats: AudioUnits/AAX/VST/VST3 for 32-bit and 64-bit hosts on macOS and Windows
  • Built-in system-wide preset management with import and export of preset files with all samples included, compatible across platforms and hosts.
  • Bright & Dark color schemes and support for user defined color schemes.
System Requirements
  • macOS 10.11 or newer on an Intel or Apple Silicon CPU (64-bit only).
  • Windows 7 or newer (64-bit & 32-bit supported).
  • A host application compatible with AudioUnits or VST2/3 plugins or Pro Tools (>10.3.5, AAX)
Demo Limitations
  • After 4 minutes, faded bursts of random noise are added to the plugin output.
  • Presets cannot be exported/saved to the preset menu.
  • When the plugin interface is opened, a demo welcome dialog is shown for 5 seconds.