super smooth algorithmic reverb
flexible multi-segment envelopes
effects & host tempo sync

apVerb is an audio plugin to create algorithmic reverbs with exceptional smoothness and flexibility. The plugin generates reverb from thousands of semi-randomly spaced delay lines - inspired by a recently invented form of noise called 'velvet noise'.

The carefully spaced delays offer resonance-free reverb tails that can surpass the smoothness, flexibility and stereo width of traditional reverb algorithms. The delay lines are processed by filters and effects to achieve all kinds of reverbs and innovative effects.


apVerb provides full control of many parameters over time, thanks to the 23 curve-based multi-segment envelopes. Besides traditional reverb types, this enables the creation of reverse reverbs, reverb losing density over time, increasing frequency bandwidth over time, delay-like effects, ...

Additionally, apVerb can sync all envelope and pre-delay times to the host tempo, making it possible to create rhythmic effects. It also includes an early reflections generator based on simulated virtual room geometries and 3 effects: chorus, phase distortion, and saturation that can be applied to user-defined time/frequency regions of the reverb. The wet signal can be controlled by input dynamics using a ducking algorithm or by resetting the reverb tail at attacks/transients.

Main Features

  • Demo version! Download and try in demo mode.
  • Super smooth reverb body modeling.
  • 23 spline envelopes control volume, density, filters, effects and stereo parameters over (reverb-)time using adjustable-weight control points.
  • Spectrogram model visualization inspired by topographic maps.
  • Host tempo sync of all reverb envelope and pre-delay times.
  • Three types of early reflections room simulation.
  • The frequencies section includes continuously-variable-pole low-pass & high-pass filters and two parametric eqs. All filter parameters are controllable by envelopes.
  • Chorus, phase distortion and saturation effects controllable over time.
  • A dynamics section with ducking and tail reset based on input level/transients.
  • Dry/wet mixer with the option to exclude the dry level from preset switches.
  • Unlimited undo and redo for all actions.
  • Plugin formats: AudioUnits/AAX/VST3/VST on macOS and Windows
  • Built-in system-wide preset management with import and export of preset files, compatible across platforms and hosts using a human-readable xml file format.
  • Bright & dark color schemes and support for user defined color schemes.
System Requirements
  • macOS 10.11 or newer.
    Intel (64-bit only) or Apple Silicon CPU.
  • Windows 7 or newer.
    x64/x86 CPU with AVX support.
  • A host application compatible with AudioUnits, VST2/3 plugins or Pro Tools (>10.3.5, AAX, including Apple Silicon native)
Demo Limitations
  • After 4 minutes, faded bursts of random noise are added to the plugin output.
  • Presets cannot be exported/saved to the preset menu.
  • When the plugin interface is opened, a demo welcome dialog is shown for 5 seconds.