apulSoft apTrigga2
Audio sample trigger plugin

apTrigga3 is currently being beta tested. If you are looking for a 64-bit and/or Pro Tools compatible version with additional features, check it out here.

  • Audio plugin for Mac OS X (VST/AU) and Windows (VST)
  • Triggers mono & stereo samples by analyzing audio signals.
  • ZERO samples trigger latency.
  • prev/next sample buttons to scan through folders.
  • powerful multi sample modes with dynamical sample selection and crossfading
  • The triggered samples can be modulated by level, by pitch and by a low pass filter.
  • Drag'n drop support for aif, wav & sd2 sample files.
  • Midi-Input, can be used as a midi sample player.
  • Includes spikeGen, a spike pattern generator

System Requirements (Mac OS X)
  • A macintosh computer running Mac OS X
  • A VST or AU host. 32-bit only!, no RTAS
  • Your own samples to trigger (.wav, .aif or .sd2)
  • Mac OS X 10.2.6 or better, 10.3 recommended
System Requirements (Windows)
  • A VST host. 32-bit only!, no RTAS
  • Samples to trigger
  • Windows 98 SE or better, Windows 2000 or better recommended

How can this be used?
  • Replace recorded drums with samples.
  • Add spice to a drum loop by adding a sample.
  • Sequence drum sample patterns with spikeGen.

  • Extract single instrument rhythms from drum loops
  • Use your laptop as a drum trigger module
  • Produce atonal melodic patterns from grooves.
Downloads (mac v2.3.3 mac / win v2.3.2) Limitations of the Demo version
  • apTrigga2 does not save the location(path) of loaded samples.
  • There are short bursts of noise every some seconds.
Buy apTrigga2
  • An apulSoft apTrigga2 license costs 35 euros.
  • Buy a licence using the Buy aptrigga button.
  • The buying process is handled by ShareIt!.
  • Payment options: credit card, wire, check, PayPal
  • You will get your serial info emailed from ShareIt!.